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For centuries acupuncture has proven its effectiveness in curing a host of ills. One-quarter of the world's population uses it. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine include a variety of styles and techniques. Every day, more and more people are discovering acupuncture's health benefits, physical and emotional healing abilities, and lack of side effects.


The information on this website is intended to help you get an overall sense of what you might experience if you decide to visit me for an acupuncture treatment. If you do become a client, I believe you need to feel comfortable with your treatments and how we communicate. Good communication from a Chinese medical perspective is also important in the diagnosis and treatment strategy.


I'll discuss a few common questions about acupuncture and my style of treating, but my intent is not to go into much detail. Even though symptoms between clients may be similar, most clients and their diagnoses are unique for them, and so are their treatments.


If you feel you want to meet me in person before committing to a treatment, you are welcome to come in for a free consultation. We may also discuss in a little more depth the different styles I might use including use of moxa and moxibustion, Japanese Acupuncture versus Traditional Chinese Acupuncture (TCM), sound healing techniques with use of calibrated tuning forks (Acutonics), Tibetan bowls and other sound tools. Thank you for your considerations and time spent viewing these pages.


Serving communities in Chelan and Douglas Counties of Washington state, including East Wenatchee, Leavenworth, Cashmere, Entiat, Wenatchee and Waterville.

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