The World Health Organization recognizes acupuncture and traditional Oriental medicine's ability to treat over 40 common disorders including:


Gastrointestinal Disorders
Food allergies Peptic Ulcer Chronic Diarrhea
Constipation Indigestion Gastrointestinal weakness
Anorexia Gastritis  
Urogenital Disorders
Stress incontinence Urinary tract infections Sexual dysfunction
Gynecological Disorders
Irregular, heavy or painful menstruation Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) Infertility in women and men
Respiratory Disorders
Emphysema Sinusitis Asthma
Allergies Bronchitis  
Disorders of the bones, muscles, joints and nervous system
Arthritis Migraine headaches Neuralgia
Insomnia Dizziness Low back, neck and shoulder pain
Circulatory Disorders
Hypertension Angina pectoris Arteriosclerosis
Emotional and Psychological Disorders
Stress Anxiety  
Alcohol Nicotine Drugs


Ear, Eye, Nose and Throat Disorders


Chronic Conditions and Supportive Therapy
Some of my patients have found that chronic conditions they had "learned to live with" were resolved or significantly improved with a number of acupuncture treatments, and rediscovered a quality of life that they had forgotten had once existed for them. Other patients have found that acupuncture will help them get through a difficult course of Western medical treatments. For example, treating nausea due to chemotherapy with acupuncture may be very valuable.


Preventive Medicine
Many of my patients have decided that acupuncture is very effective in the maintenance of good health. Coming in for seasonal or regular "tune up," rewards them more energy, improved digestion, fewer colds and an increased ability to cope with the daily stress of modern life.

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