Staying well
Do I have to have something wrong to seek acupuncture?

The answer is no. Acupuncture works on the premise that balancing the energy of the body helps to create and maintain health. Most of the time individuals are ill due to an energetic imbalance, however, many people seek acupuncture simply to strengthen their bodies to keep them from becoming ill. A thousand years ago in China, you would visit your acupuncturist regularly when you were well and pay him for the treatment. If you got sick, he would treat you for free. Or, regular or seasonal acupuncture treatments could be looked upon as changing your car's oil every 5,000 miles or twice a year. So many people come in for regular or seasonal "tune ups," to de-stress or get recharged. Acupuncture can help you adapt to seasonal or climatic changes. It helps to integrate the mind/body/spirit so that all systems are working cohesively towards optimum health.


Acupuncture initiates the relaxation response by releasing endorphins from the brain and creates a very comfortable flow of energy. Relaxation is an important part of health maintenance. The work of an acupuncturist also involves assessing potential imbalances before they arise and to facilitate energetic movement. Often there is a "weak link" in our make-up which may cause an undermining our sense of well being at some time or another. Acupuncture helps to strengthen the "weak links", allowing us to be more fully alive, creative and healthy.


Many of my patients have discovered acupuncture to be effective as a preventive approach for the maintenance of good health. Regular tune-ups may reward you with more consistent energy, better digestion, a stronger immune system, better emotional balance, and increased ability to handle the daily stresses of life.


If you are unsure of when you should come in to stay healthy, I would advise you start with four to six treatments per year, especially around seasonal changes during the calendar year.

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