Relieving Stress

It is believed that up to 80 percent of ailments inflicting adults today are stress related. Tension headaches, sore shoulders, migraines, high blood pressure, stomach and duodenal ulcers, colitis, chronic backache, asthma, and insomnia are often commonly cited as stress-induced ailments.

Acupuncture, which maximizes the healing power of the body through restoring homeostasis (balancing the Yin and the Yang) of the autonomic nervous system and endocrine system, is tremendously effective for these stress-related ailments.

I always evaluate all of my patients to determine the level of stress they are under, and how their treatment strategy should deal with that stress. If a patient's main reason for coming was stress or stress-induced ailments, and those ailments are relieved with acupuncture, then I advise them to come back for health maintenance on a regular or seasonally basis.

Relaxation Opportunities

Related to stress as discussed above, finding a way to relax is important from a holistic view.

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