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Office Locations

304 Grant Road, Suite #2, in East Wenatchee (click for map)
Between Dairy Queen and Columbia Theater's parking lot (across from Les Schwab).


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Office Phone: (509) 886-4554
Fax: (509) 782-9255

Office Hours


8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. by appointment.




Acupuncture coverage by health insurance companies has become much more common in recent years. Harmony Acupuncture is a provider for many of the insurance plans common in the Wenatchee area. If I am not a provider for your plan, some plans allow subscribers to submit their own claims for reimbursement. For example, I am a preferred provider for the following plans that cover acupuncture:

  • Premera Blue Cross
  • Health Plus
  • Uniform Medical
  • Northstar
  • MSC Medical Service Corporation

I also accept PIP Auto Insurance for injuries resulting from automobile accidents.

It is always best to contact your plan directly and ask what is covered, any co-pays and deductibles, and if referrals are needed. If you have any questions and want my assistance in determining your coverage, please call my office.



Fees vary depending upon the type and length of treatments given, and if insurance paperwork is involved. Note the following example:

First Office Visit
Cash fee $80
Follow-up Treatment
Cash fee $60
Specific Treatments
Costs vary by style and treatment time

Office Forms


   All forms in Adobe PDF format, requires Acrobat Reader (click here to download)


Doing Your Part


I ask that you eat a light meal 2-3 hours prior to treatment; even an apple or piece of toast would generally be sufficient. Please drink no alcohol the day of your treatment. If you have an exercise program, it would be best if you would not overly exert yourself the day of your treatment. If you can, wear comfortable cotton clothing.

Some of my clients are allergic to perfumes and deodorants, so please come to the office scent free. It is best if jewelry is removed during your treatments.

As a new patient, you should always inform any health practitioner about pre-existing conditions, the names of all medications you are taking, whether you are, or could be pregnant, and if you have a cardiac pacemaker or cosmetic implants.

Please, be on time for your appointment so that you may benefit fully. If you must cancel an appointment, please give me at least 24 hours notice so I can schedule someone else. Remember that when you make an appointment, I have reserved an extended time just for you. There will be a charge for a missed appointment without a 24-hour notice. Let me know if you need a reminder phone call.

Questions for Prospective Patients


  • What are your expectations for acupuncture?
  • How will you know when I am successful in helping you achieve your goals?
  • What do you want your life to look like when you are happy, healthy, and whole?

We can explore some of these questions on your first office visit. I am also always open to your questions; please bring them with you to your visits.






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