Your Acupuncturist, Greg Shannon, MA, L.Ac.

Greg's History:
Picture of Greg in the mountains I have aimed toward a holistic lifestyle for many years. I started using alternative health care in the late 70's by seeing a homeopathic physician for hypoglycemia. Diet and food issues have always been important in my life. Later, with a lifestyle of hiking, climbing and skiing, for fun and work in wilderness recreation, my body started complaining with occasional physical ailments that didn't get better with conventional therapies. Acupuncture provided significant relief and balancing for those physical problems, even with the long drives to Seattle and back. Those acupuncture treatments provided the seeds of thought for a career change.


What does L.Ac. behind his name stand for?
It stands for Licensed Acupuncturist. MA stands for Master of Acupuncture. I am a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Washington and certified by NCCAOM (national certification organization). I am well versed in three different styles of acupuncture: Traditional Chinese Acupuncture (TCM), Japanese Meridian Acupuncture and, Acutonics ®. The Acutonics Healing System is a needle-less and non-invasive treatment that could be simply looked at as acupressure with sound vibration.


Other Modalities of Treatment
Frequently I employ TDP infrared heat lamps and moxa (an herbal warming therapy on the skin) to invigorate the circulation energy and blood in the acupuncture channels. Chinese herbal patents may be prescribed. I may use other traditional techniques such as Cupping, Guasha and Tuina (Chinese massage). Other elements of Japanese acupuncture may involve use of magnets and ion pumping cords.


I studied in Seattle, at Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. This three-year master's program is rated one of the top programs in the country. My academic work involved a thorough study of Oriental medical theory and practice, and included many classes in Western medicine. I completed an intensive two-year internship with hundreds of patient visits at a wide variety of medical settings. I continue to stay active in my training by attending continuing education opportunities.


I take my own health seriously by receiving regular acupuncture treatments, eating simple healthy foods, exercising and doing Qi Gong or meditation. In my free time I like to cross country ski and hike. Photography, jazz and organic gardening are other interests. I believe humor is important in health and healing.


Does my business name mean anything special? The words used in the name of my practice do have a special meaning. The word "harmony" comes from the root word that means, "to fit together or the orderly whole." One may also take that root word and apply it in a tonal sense, as my practice sometimes uses the harmonics of sound to help balance, fit together, or bring order to an individual.


Healing comes from the Old English work "hal" or "hale." Webster's defines "heal" as to make sound, well or healthy again. Again the term may indicate that a tonal sense is involved in healing.

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