Harmony Acupuncture and Sound Healing has the primary goal of providing individualized and holistic patient care from primarily an Oriental perspective. I also use information from Western medicine in understanding the disease and in arriving at a diagnosis. This ancient healing modality of acupuncture has had the same goal for over 2500 years, which is balancing the body's energies to prevent or treat illness. It is a holistic system of health care that looks at the whole person, not just symptoms.


In my practice I strive to bring back the tradition of the caring healer, one who knows and understands his patients, not just their disorders. By treating you with this highly developed healing system of acupuncture and other Oriental medicine techniques, we will work together to heal the "entire-self," not just treat the symptoms.


As your acupuncturist, I consider that Oriental medicine can also be very complementary with Western medicine. I will consider your total health in your treatments, including physical and emotional aspects. Treatments are individualized to promote wellness and wholeness in all phases of clients' lives. My expectation is that you will feel somewhat better in some way each time you leave after a treatment. That might include relief of physical pain, or a sense of being more balanced, less stressed and more relaxed.


In Washington State it is more and more common for physicians to refer patients for acupuncture treatment. And while Oriental medicine is a very inclusive and complete system of care, an acupuncturist will sometimes refer a patient to another specialist or physician for consultation. In this fashion the patient receives the best of both worlds, integrative and complementary medicine which keeps the patient's best interest in mind.


Patients visiting Harmony Acupuncture and Sound Healing may expect to be treated with one or more of the following elements:


  • Acupuncture: the insertion of fine needles at designated acupuncture points.
  • Sonopuncture: use of calibrated tuning forks to stimulate acupuncture points with sound vibration.
  • Moxa: the burning of an herb called mugwort, on or near acupuncture points.
  • Tuina: Chinese massage technique.
  • Cupping: the placement of glass or plastic cups on the skin.
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine.
  • Qi Gong: exercises shared with you to help balance your energies.
  • Nutrition and lifestyle advice based upon Traditional Chinese medicine philosophy.


In comparison with much of the Western world's approach to medicine, which is becoming more and more specialized, acupuncture offers an approach to health and healing which realizes the holistic nature of who we are. While many other systems of medicine treat only the symptoms, I seek the underlying reasons for the disease and/or symptoms and work to rebalance the body's energies to restore health.

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